Whether you need designing, construction, furnishing, or creation and personalization of your work environment, the result is always the same: esthetically attractive solutions of top quality.

Office+ brand

A brand was created in 2019.  by the company Midline, and it symbolizes our vision of creating advanced and efficient solutions for furnishing and interior design of office and public spaces. What makes the offer of Office+ special and complete is the highly-qualified team of engineers, architects, designers, and others, as well as the creative energy and continuous search for better design and technological innovations in the process of forming a quality design.

Our possibilities vary from designing and construction to complete furnishing, all regarding fulfilling the needs of our clients.


The necessity to think about the way we design and make office furniture is not just because we want to simplify and make the working environment more comfortable, but primarily because of health.

Work habits studies confirm that about 65% of subjects do not sit correctly, whether because of bad postural habits or because of uncomfortable chairs. So when we take into consideration the fact that an average person spends 80.000 hours of their life sitting, it is clear that the quality i.e. commodity of those chairs plays an important role.

The Office+ team believes that a good chair must promote dynamic posture that enables relaxation of tense muscle groups.

The chairs that we make enable proper, balanced, and dynamic posture, with minimal pressure on the spine.

All this contributes to stopping developing chronic diseases in the spinal and neck area, but it altogether stimulates focus while working.

Consider your health.

Office+ more than just furniture.

Our offer

Our offer consists of designing, construction, and complete furnishing, constantly having in mind to fully respond to the requests of our clients.

Whether we work on a standard requirements project or it is a unique wish of our client, what both have in common are top quality and accessible prices. We are specifically focused on furnishing, constantly thinking about furniture design and ergonomics, which allows our clients to have a comfortable and healthy working environment.

Successful cooperation with highly specialized Italian factories i.e. manufacturers of certified EU chairs, desks, and equipment is of great importance to us. A dedicated team of professionals, which are bound by the same values, are working tirelessly towards the common goal – to offer products of the highest quality and auspiciousness from the furnishing sphere.  

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