Furnishing offices is essential for any company, so collaborating with a professional and reliable partner is crucial. That’s exactly what Adriatic Bank did when it decided to furnish its branch in Porto Montenegro.

During Q2 and Q3 2022, Adriatic Bank collaborated with our partner company Underpin on renovation and construction works. To ensure that the branch was equipped with high-quality office furniture, Adriatic Bank engaged Office+ to design, produce, and install all the furniture in the branch.

Office+ specializes in procuring and manufacturing office furniture and collaborates exclusively with businesses, which means that our products are tailored to the needs of business spaces. Additionally, our team is experienced and dedicated, with years of experience in designing and furnishing offices and business spaces.

For Adriatic Bank, quality office furniture was crucial in creating a professional and comfortable atmosphere in the branch. Office+ was able to deliver furniture tailored to their needs, with functional and modern design that matches their brand and style.

This collaboration between Adriatic Bank, Underpin, and Office+ is a great example of how working with professional and reliable partners can lead to successful space furnishing for businesses. When it comes to office furniture and furnishing offices, choosing the right partner is crucial to achieving the desired effect.