Equipping a business space is an important step in creating a work environment that inspires and motivates employees to be productive and efficient. When it comes to furnishing bank branches, it is especially important that the furniture fits into the bank’s standard and appearance. This was precisely the case with the design, construction, and equipping of the Adriatic Bank branch in Budva, which was realized during the period of Q4 2022-Q1 2023.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the partner company Underpin, which was responsible for the project design and execution phase, while Office+ designed, produced, and delivered all the furniture in accordance with the bank’s standard regarding the appearance of furniture and interior of Adriatic Bank branches.

As a company that deals with the production and procurement of office furniture, Office+ had the task of providing quality and functional furniture that would meet the needs of the bank’s employees and clients. It was necessary to deliver office desks, chairs, shelves, cabinets, and other furniture elements that would be in line with the bank’s visual identity and its standards.

Given that Office+ exclusively collaborates with companies, our goal was to provide a service that would be fully tailored to the bank’s needs. Our team of experts was responsible for the design, production, and delivery of furniture, which made it possible to realize all phases in accordance with the set deadlines and standards.

This approach to designing and furnishing business spaces is what sets us apart from other companies that deal with office furniture. We strive to provide a service that will be fully tailored to the client’s needs, and with quality furniture and a professional approach to work, we also offer competitive prices that are tailored to the needs of every company.